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Fun at the Enceladus

this is my submission for the "from moon to mars" challenge. I finished it while I had only 4 hours to deadline! I did it all in the last 3 or 4 days I mean I have started this project almost from the first days of the announcement of the contest. but at the last moment I changed my mind and I had to make it in super rush. I even took 3 days off from my job! so here it is!  as you might know Enceladus is one of the Saturn's moons and it is full of ice and maybe oceans of water under them and it is one of the most potential destinations for future human Expeditions! I made some research and I had some spacial information from highest school when I used to study astronomy for the astronomy Olympiads! I want to say that astronomy has always been my favourite subject for study next to the school I name this work: "fun  at the enceladus" all I wanted to show was one or two astronauts who live on Enceladus. although  they are lonely but they have fun sometimes and life is going on.
here is my final submission.